People talk all the time about songs that get “caught in your head” for days and days and days. Recently, I heard Paul McCartney’s not-quite-classic “No More Lonely Nights” playing at my local supermarket, and I kept hearing it in my head for a week. At least it was better than the song it (mercifully!) displaced: Peter Cetera’s “The Glory of Love,” which had been playing on a loop for what seemed like a month.

But occasionally, I’ll get movie lines stuck in my head the same way I do songs. For example, thanks to the pounding assault of Avatar commercials, my brain keeps belching up Stephen Lang’s gruff line reading of “You’re not in Kansas anymore!”

But sometimes, I only have my own pop culture-soaked brain to blame. Last week, my wife went to check the mail and brought in a package of Christmas presents from my parents and rejoiced by saying, “How sweet!” To which I instinctively, reflexively, immediately replied, “How sweet! Fresh meat!” Yep: that would be the famous Freddy Krueger line from Nightmare On Elm Street IV. But once I set that beastly line loose, I was hounded by it for days. It was all I could hear in my head on Christmas morning, when I kept flashing on Freddy delivering his classic line amid the violent shredding of gift wrapping.

I’d like to think I’m not alone in this dementia. So: do you get movie lines stuck in your head? Which one do you have trapped in your head right now? Please share below.