It's hard to deny that many, many people share Simon Cowell's taste in music. Just look at the millions of CD sales Susan Boyle has been racking up. Yet along with this immense popularity, Cowell is also one of the most vigorously loathed figures in pop culture today. The man himself attempts to reckon with these contradictions in this week's cover story of the venerable British music mag NME under the headline "THE GRINCH SPEAKS." Read on after the jump for some of the most outrageous revelations in the NME interview, including Cowell's views on La Roux, Eminem, Oasis, Animal Collective, and more.

Simon Cowell has beef with La Roux. It's a fairly one-sided beef, though. La Roux singer Elly Jackson had NME ask Cowell, "How do you feel about ruining the music industry?" His remarkably even-keeled response: "Well, look, that's her opinion. What La Roux has to understand is that the music industry isn't dominated by us, or influenced by us for that matter. It's influenced by people who buy records and I believe in democracy."

Simon Cowell digs David Bowie and Eminem. He mentions both of them as potential guest judges and/or episode-theme artists for The X Factor, his wildly popular singing competition show.

Simon Cowell was sad when Oasis broke up. "I think it was inevitable," he sighs. "But I think it was a shame. I love [Noel and Liam Gallagher] as people too by the way…I wouldn't be surprised if they got back together."

Simon Cowell has never even heard EW's 2009 Album of the Year. Asked if he's given Animal Collective's Merriweather Post Pavilion a spin, he curtly replies, "No. Look, if this section is about me looking stupid, I've got the point — I don't need to go any further." Ah, there's that famous curmudgeonly bent!

What do you think of Cowell's comments: more or less Grinchy than you'd expect? Do you think La Roux is right that he's ruined the music industry? Mightn't he enjoy "My Girls" if he gave it a chance? Sound off below.

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