Hold on to your blackout shades, cubicle monkeys: Today, Stereogum ranks 10 of the year’s most scandalous, never-ready-for-prime-time music videos. Among them? Usual suspects (Oh, Mr. Manson), left-fielders (thanks for the money shot, Massive Attack!), and an exposed-body-bits-to-bicycles ratio that would give Lance Armstrong the heebie jeebs, courtesy of the Flaming Lips.

Watch one of the few we can actually show you here, Matt & Kim’s “Lessons Learned,” with mom-friendly blurs:

In truth, some of these clips skirt a pretty thin line; drug-trade content aside, Raekwon’s “Pyrex Vision” contains just about as much jiggle and profanity as Drake’s MTV-ad naseum “Best I Ever Had”—the difference is, basically, a few inches of cotton and a bleep button.

But you tell us, readers—which videos this year did you think crossed into infamy, and how do they compare to NC-17 efforts past? Really, this list is nothing without Rammstein’s “P—y”; watch it here if you’re legal. P.S. please don’t get fired.

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