OMG guys. I think my head — as well as those attached to the bodies of my fellow Lord of the Rings freakazoids — just exploded, creating a massive blaze that shines brighter than the light of Eärendil. It looks like The Hobbit is officially accepting applications for actors hoping to land roles in the LOTR precursor. But before you prepare to slap on your finest coat of armor and grab your Sting swords, take note of some of the specific guidelines: 1) You have to apply by physical mail (Kids, ask your grandparents about that one), 2) You need to include a casting video, and 3) Though it kills me, New Zealand locals must be hired before overseas actors. Hurumph. So not fair. They already have lush beauty! Since I’m forced to cope with smelly city streets decorated with cigarette butts, why can’t I have one tiny advantage?!

Tell me, PopWatchers: Would you create a casting video to nab a role? And what would you do to grab Guillermo del Toro and Peter Jackson’s attention? I could kiss my giant poster of Frodo and his furry feet, because this girl totally had a crush on the hobbit as a 16-year-old.

Lord of the Rings
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