With today’s sad news that Tyra Banks will shut down production on her titular talk show in spring 2010, I found myself going through various stages of grief. First, I was sad. Next, I thought about my lunch. Then, I began wondering who could follow in TyTy’s footsteps, seeing how the former model’s chat show is one of the few daytime talkers still aimed at a young, female demographic. (Banks was not immediately available to talk about her post-Tyra Show plans.)

And then, it came to me: Alexa Chung! My favorite former MTV employee is fresh, smart, and obvs available, and she has tons of television experience. Plus, she’s a woman who comes across as incredibly natural and honest, a trait that helped Banks connect so strongly with audiences. It’s settled: Chung is my top choice to inherit Banks’ vagina puppet.

What do you think, PopWatchers? Who should follow in Banks’ footsteps? Is Alexa Chung right for the job? List your candidates in the comments section below.