As we were leaving Sherlock Holmes yesterday,I asked my 62-year-old mother how awesome it would be to see Robert Downey Jr. star in a movie with Johnny Depp. Her response — “I would need a tranquilizer” — wasn’t exactly a surprise. She enjoyed Sherlock Holmes and Johnny Depp’s recent Sexiest Man Alive People cover equally. But it does show the kind of massive appeal a film costarring Downey and Depp would have. So, PopWatchers, let’s pitch us some plots…

I would love to see them play two eccentric actors who get caught up in some sort of real-life espionage. (Knowing that my mother shares my love for the 1987 Shelley Long-Better Midler classic Outrageous Fortune, I’m confident she’d second this.) Though it’s tempting to give them a bromance à la Holmes and Watson, they should initially hate each other à la Tango and Cash (another reference that I’m sure would appeal to the duo). Part of me wants it to be a period film, which would give Downey and Depp even more room to play; part of me wants it set today, but penned by Steve Martin with the heightened reality ofRoxanne and LA Story.

So to recap: I’m pitching Outrageous Fortune meets Tango & Cash and Roxanne, possibly in period garb.

Your turn. What’s your dream project for Downey and Depp?

Photo Credit: Depp: Solarpix/PR Photos; Downey: Jamie McCarthy/