December 2009 still has a little life left in it, but some folks are already thinking about 2010: the folks over at asked 32,000 moviegoers which 2009 movie most deserves a sequel and The Hangover won with 37% of the vote. Now, I loved The Hangover, but I think that flick should stay single—no need for a companion film (even if it’s already in the works). My choice for the film most deserving of a sequel would be Avatar, one of the most dazzling and physically beautiful movies I’ve seen in a while. And—SPOILER ALERT—it ends with a perfect set up for a follow-up film! Plus, I can only imagine what other spectacular imagery James Cameron has bouncing around in his head. I could definitely spend another three hours on Pandora. Second place in the poll went to District 9, which I have to admit would also be my runner-up for a sequel.

What do you think PopWatchers? What 2009 film would be your choice to get a sequel? Or is there a holdover from earlier in the decade that’s still got you salivating for a part deux? Sound off in the comments below!

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