Cold weather and touch screens: What’s a geek to do when hobo-chic fingerless gloves don’t seem appealing? (Which is always!) There are a few options that keep you both wired and frostbite-free:

Buy a pair of capacitive gloves There are many options, from the relatively cheap and sporty to the super expensive and fashionable. They work…okay.

Make your current handwarmers touch-screen friendly This is a project for crafty geeks only, but it’s pretty straightforward. Buy some conductive thread and sew a spot onto the fingertips of your gloves or mittens. It’s not as accurate as bare skin, but think of the DIY satisfaction!

Use your nose I couldn’t resist: This is my favorite stupid iPhone trick. If you just need to answer a call or open an app, your schnozz works just as well as a finger. Sorry, ski mask wearers.