In celebration of its 125th anniversary, the American Kennel Club joined forces with to ask the public’s help in ranking its nominations for the top 125 dogs in pop culture. You can download the full list here. Not surprisingly, Snoopy came in at No. 1. But what the heck is The Wizard of Oz‘s Toto doing down at No. 24?! That’s below the painting “Dogs Playing Poker” (No. 6), the song “Who Let the Dogs Out?” (No. 9) and the Taco Bell Dog (No. 19). NOTE: I am fine with The Dukes of Hazzard‘s Flash (No. 14) besting Toto. Possibly because on Christmas morning, I opened up a Dukes of Hazzard TV dinner tray like the one I had when I was a kid and cried. So yes, I get that this list is subjective.

But back to the whining! How can Sandy from Annie be all the way down at No. 79? That’s below Air Bud (No. 49), Paris Hilton’s Tinker Bell (No. 59), and Beverly Hills Chihuahua (No. 63).

Peruse the list and tell us how it looks to you. Word to the wise: You’ll think that Hooch from Turner & Hooch was snubbed, and you’ll be shocked by how appalled you are. But he goes by Beasley and comes in at No. 26. Breathe. After the jump, the Top 10.

Top 10 Dogs in Pop Culture:

1. Snoopy

2. Texas A&M’s Reveille

3. Scooby Do

4. Eddie from Frasier

5. Pound Puppy toys

6. Painting “Dogs Playing Poker”

7. Song “How Much is that Doggie in the Window”

8. Georgetown’s Jack the Bulldog

9. Song “Who Let the Dogs Out”

10. Brian Griffin from Family Guy