Lots of people use the holidays to catch up on TV shows piling on their DVRs or TiVos, or plowing through episodes on DVD boxed sets they were given as Christmas gifts. Or they just flick on the TV and start watching the various marathons that a multitude of channels program during this period.

So I ask you: If you were given the opportunity to immerse yourself in one TV series for the rest of the weekend, which would it be?

Here, I’ll get you started:

The Wire I know, grim stuff, and sometimes difficult to follow. But what better time than Christmas to remember the needy young people who populate David Simon’s brilliant HBO TV series, the kids who have to live among drug dealers and decide whether to resist or join them? What better time to watch what so many critics have called the TV version of a nice big fat novel, filled with vivid characters, raucous humor, and soul-stirring social criticism?

Freaks and Geeks and Undeclared These two Judd Apatow creations wouldn’t take too long to watch — each lasted only one season — but they encapsulate the worldview of modern underdogs, of adolescence as one long commingling of pleasure and pain. Plus, thanks to the genius of Apatow’s casting, you get to see the career-making roles of the future stars of such shows as How I Met Your Mother, ER, Cougar Town, Bones, and… General Hospital.

Battlestar Galactica I myself would love the time and opportunity to sit back and watch this great space-opera from beginning to end, to savor the way the show built its carefully conceived future and explored questions of faith and loyalty. Sounds like Christmas fare to me.

Gilmore Girls I am proud to say I own the box with every episode, and I have to fight with my wife and daughters over which episodes to watch first and in which order. The greatest screwball-comedy ever produced for TV. Do not disagree with me.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Firefly Who among us would not geek out on a Whedon-fest?

Okay, it’s your turn:

If you had time this weekend to watch one TV series, what would it be?