Fox is burning off four episodes of ‘Til Death tonight: It’s the only new prime-time network programming this evening.

Does anyone watch this sitcom? I have nothing against the show; it doesn’t make me laugh, but it’s not insultingly awful or anything. The only thing I ever held against the series is that Fox insisted on printing the apostrophe in “’til” backwards — I hate it when scores of people at a company don’t notice such a boneheaded grammatical error.

But I’ve always liked Brad Garrett even before Everybody Loves Raymond, when he was a good, aggressive stand-up comic.

‘Til Death was, in its original conception, the umpteenth show to try and recapture some of the old magic of The Honeymooners: Squabbling couple = big guffaws. Well, it didn’t work out that way.

I wish the actors in this series well; I hope they find other, better work elsewhere in the year to come.

But I’m curious: Are there any fans of this show out there? Did that backward-apostrophe ever irritate any of you? Do you agree that Brad Garrett’s a funny guy?