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Ho, ho, ho, Present-dubs! We’re way past the point where we can sit around in our jammies and purchase all of our gifts online (unless we want to pay $1024.95 for overnight shipping, which we don’t), so here are five things available IN STORES that you can buy for pop culture lovers once you face the music and realize the dream is over and you’re gonna have to leave the house today.

1. DVD: Ally McBeal: The Complete Series Mom, are you reading this? I want Santa to bring me the opportunity to renew my late-’90s obsession with Calista Flockhart’s business suits.

2. Music: Radiohead Reissues Someone you know wants these, despite already owning all of the albums.

3. DVD: The French Chef with Julia Child Here’s your chance to fully understand why Meryl Streep seemed baked the whole time in Julie & Julia. Bonus: Child will never call olive oil “EVOO.”

4. Game: Grand Theft Auto: Episodes from Liberty City I don’t really know what’s going on here; I just like it because the disc comes with an add-on called The Ballad of Gay Tony.

5. Book: Sesame Street: A Celebration — 40 Years of Life on the Street This full-color oversize is not in our gift guide, but I saw it last night at a bookstore and it is gorgeous. I love the extensive interviews with the Muppet puppeteers.

Plenty more gift ideas at EW’s Holiday Gift Guide. Leave your last-minute gift suggestions in the comments. Happy consumerism, P-dubs! Oh, and this just in from Troop Beverly Hills‘ Velda Plendor: There’s a “Blue light special on Aisle 13…Cookies.”