The trailer for the Karate Kid remake starring the adorable Jaden Smith (that’s Will Smith’s son to you) is out:

As noted, the kid is cute. The Chinese setting looks amazing (training on the Great Wall certainly beats standing on a stump on an L.A. beach, no?). And Jackie Chan is always badass. And yet…while a 10-year-old kid doing karate has a certain adorableness factor, and I support being able to defend oneself against bullies, is that enough to hold a movie? Our beloved hero in the original, Ralph Macchio’s Daniel, was trying to prove more than that he could learn the same moves as nemesis Johnny and his pals. He was the scrappy underdog to the entitled Ken doll, he was the poor kid from Jersey among the rich L.A. snobs, he was fighting for the love of Elisabeth Shue! Not to mention that this jacket-on/jacket-off business in the trailer seems more like a cheap rip off of the old wax on/wax off than an homage. On that note, though — loved the joke at the end with the flyswatter. That, friends, is an homage. And, as far as I’m concerned, even Jackie Chan can’t beat Mr. Miyagi.

But what do you think, PopWatchers? Can the new Karate Kid live up to the original? Does Jaden Smith’s cuteness make up for its other deficiencies?