Any trailer that got me past the lamely punny title Knight & Day is worth watching. Any trailer that got me excited about Cameron Diaz and Tom Cruise again, even moreso:

I still don’t know exactly what it’s about, and that’s what’s so cool. What’s even cooler? These two superstars reminding us why they’re superstars. Cameron Diaz is playing her trademark likable everygirl in an action-packed premise (half Charlie’s Angels, half My Best Friend’s Wedding). And Tom Cruise somehow seems to be combining his greatest hits — the flirtatious charm of Top Gun, the gun-toting swagger of Mission: Impossible, the self-deprecating (but still sexy!) humor of Jerry Maguire — into one enigmatic character here. I didn’t think about Scientology or couch-jumping for one second of this trailer. I just thought, “Oh, right, this is how we came to like this guy.”

But what did you think, PopWatchers? Are you psyched for Knight & Day after seeing this trailer? Can you think of something else we can call this movie before the title makes us hate it?