Last night’s finale of The Sing-Off brings the sad development that one of the show’s judges, Ben Folds, won’t be on my TV screen as much now. The show itself was borderline cheesy (but still enjoyable), but Folds himself was a revelation! He was hands-down the best judge I’ve seen on a competition show (EW’s Ken Tucker also loved him from the start). Folds offered the perfect combination of nice-guy genuinely rooting-for-everyone comments, knowledgeable technical advice (without sounding like a snob), and humor. I met him a few times when we both lived in Chapel Hill, NC and he was exactly the same in person — impossible not to like.

Now, I think we MUST campaign for Folds to get his own TV show, or at least be one of the central judges on another show. Given his background, maybe a piano competition or a songwriting competition?

Was anyone else wowed by Ben Folds on The Sing-Off? What would you like to see him do next?