In case you didn’t know, Will Ferrell is kind of a big deal. That must be why he’s gracing my television screen nearly every day this holiday season (thanks to numerous Elf showings) and my New York Times. If you checked out yesterday’s Times, you might have been just a bit confused to see a wedding announcement paired with a photo of a smiling couple — and someone who appeared to be photobombing the pic. No, it wasn’t crasher squirrel. It was Will Ferrell himself, who decided to appear in the portrait of the couple, who are both production assistants. (The groom is currently working on the set of Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg’s upcoming film, The Other Guys.)

Of course, this announcement was welcome change to the usually buttoned-up Times wedding section. But it’s also the second funniest wedding story involving a celebrity that I have heard. (The first would be Paul Scheer’s — the comedian apparently decided to make a Jack Nicholson impersonator his best man at his wedding, without telling anyone in his family.) It’s a silly question, but tell me PopWatchers: What celebrity would you allow to photobomb your wedding photo?