SPOILER ALERT! Trying to avoid news as to who won Survivor: Samoa? Then this is not the article for you. (Seriously, stop reading if you don’t want to know who won.) Okay, everyone all good from here on out? All clear? Then let’s proceed.

Natalie White may not have been the popular choice among viewers to take home the million dollars as winner of Survivor: Samoa, but she was popular with the only nine people who mattered: the jury. The 26-year-old pharmaceutical sales rep called in to talk all about how she knew the jury would be voting along emotional/personal lines and therefore played to her strengths as the sweet Southern belle. She also says there’s plenty that Russell did to hurt himself in ways we never saw on camera, like taunting people after he voted them out. But how does she feel about the person she aligned with on day one of the game telling Survivor Talk this morning that her game was “terrible” and “pitiful”? And we have more questions: Who would she have voted for had she been on the jury: Russell or Brett? (The answer may surprise you.) What was her reaction to Russell’s $10,000 offer for the title of “Sole Survivor”? All those answers and more will be revealed in the 4-part video below as the winner of Survivor: Samoa tells all! And no matter who you think should have won, there is no argument about one thing: Natalie has been (and continues to be) a class act all the way. Don’t forget to keep watching right after to take in our exit interview with the still livid Russell. And to get Survivor scoop sent directly to you all year round (including exclusive on location Heroes Vs. Villains video!), you can follow me on Twitter @EWDaltonRoss.

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