If you read EW, you know that Hollywood scribe Diablo Cody is a veritable spring of opinions and thoughts about Tinseltown and all the goings-on around it. And alas! She’s serving up even more, this time delivering her five favorite YouTube videos of 2009. The choices, as you might guess, are all Diablo-ish, in the sense that Cody loves embracing campy and nostalgic things. As such, no surprise that this list includes a rather horrifying (and totally NSFW) faux alternate intro for DuckTales and the hilarious Rock-afire Explosion version of Usher’s “Love in this Club.”

Here, we’ve included her delightful selection of the Chicago Kids TV Christmas’ “Suzy Snowflake” video, for your Yuletide viewing pleasure:

So, do you like Diablo’s selections? What are your top five videos of 2009?

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