The cast of HBO’s True Blood came in at No. 2 on EW’s list of 2009’s Entertainers of the Year. At his photo shoot for our Best & Worst Issue, on-stands now, we caught up with Alexander Skarsgard to chat about the show’s success in season 2 and the most popular question he gets from fans: “When are you gonna hook up with Sookie?” (The short answer: He’s not sure if it’ll happen in season 3 this summer, but he’s confident thatit will happen: “I’ll do my best to mess things up between Sookie and Bill,” he promises. “We’ll see how well I do…”)

Now I love Skarsgard’s performance on the show, from the devilish grin that’s just below the surface, to the grief that poured from his eyes when Eric mourned his maker. I appreciate his talent. But we do need to discuss the torso. Watching this video — which for me has the same effect as laughing gas, I imagine — started an internal debate: Do I enjoy him more in long-sleeve dress shirts that provide ample heavage or in T-shirts that bare his biceps? After much consideration, I’ve decided the former. I find it easier to focus on what he’s saying when his biceps are covered, even though technically, I find his neck to be the sexier body part and it looks best in an open collar (:05 to :10, for instance). Clearly I’m doing a poll after the jump.

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