Oprah Winfrey
Credit: Adam Larkey/ABC

I screamed aloud “Noooooo!” when I learned that, due to the grim economy, Oprah had canceled her annual Favorite Things episode this year, which, as you may remember, was filled with amazing gifts and women shrieking at the top of their lungs. How would I know what to buy for the holidays? Where else could I see women going bonkers over crockpots? And what other talk show would lure me into signing up for an audience ticket?

Well, where Oprah stands, Tyra Banks can’t be far behind, and this year, the Tyra host gave deserving mothers—all of whom were wearing uniforms of some sort—Movado watches, Warren-Tricomi products and a three-day stay at Harrah’s resort, among other goods. It’s not quite the $3,700 digital recipe holder that Oprah gave her 2007 Favorite Things audience, but E for effort, Tyra.

Ellen DeGeneres is also making waves in giveaway land. DeGeneres has her own version of Favorite Things called 12 Days of Giveaways, where audience members have gone home with everything from flat-screen televisions to trips across the globe. Even better, viewers at home can enter to win the gifts, too. For the worldwide vacations, I give Ellen a B-.

Still, no one does it quite like the big O. But have no fear, Oprah fans; the Favorite Things episode may not be totally scrapped. Executive producer Sheri Salata told CNN that they’ll re-evaluate it next year for the show’s 25th anniversary. Woo hoo! Stainless steel refrigerators, here I (maybe) come!

For those who are in Favorite Things withdrawal, reminisce with this hilarious Saturday Night Live spoof.

Have you guys been keeping up with all of the swag? Which talk show host had the best loot this year?

Photo: Adam Larkey/ABC