You know that cheesy-but-endearing fake fireplace that local cable stations use to fill time at the holidays? Well, it’s had a 21st-century upgrade. A company called Screen Dreams has amped up the “TV fireplace” for a pretty incredible new DVD and first-time Blu-ray release, Living Fireplace Vol. 2. There’s even an iPhone app to offer your favorite Mac geek a little fire on the go.

I expected this to be something a little kistchy for PopWatch to experiment with at the holidays, but after seeing the DVD I’m completely sold. This DVD is definitely getting “fired up” (sorry, couldn’t resist) for the Mitchell Family Christmas next week. There are 21 total high-def “scenescapes” (different fireplace settings to match your mood or your décor, including some holiday themed ones) and you can listen to sound-effects fire crackling or some pretty decent music (holiday or non-holiday) to accompany the yule log scenes.

Screen Dreams founder Stephen Spivak said he used to watch the broadcast of the Yule Log on WPIX-TV in New York (which started in the 1960s). He wanted to give that vintage fireplace an upgrade. “From a quality standpoint, Blu-ray is the best digital distribution on the market so we wanted to offer this in Blu-ray. Also we’ve got all kinds of styles and fireplaces, so you’ve got tons of choices,” he tells EW.

Who else is a fan of the old TV Yule Log? Anyone willing to upgrade?

Image Credit: Screen Dreams