''Brothers,'' ''Saturday Night Live,'' and ''Entourage'' had some of the year's worst TV episodes

1. Brothers, ”House Rules” (FOX)
It’s not as if anyone thought a sitcom starring Michael Strahan would be, you know, good. But this pilot was so horrible I actually shed a tear for poor CCH Pounder, who went from The Shield to…this.

2. Saturday Night Live, ”January Jones” (NBC)
Apparently SNL used up all its Mad Men material with Jon Hamm, so it had to dedicate an entire sketch to fart jokes when January Jones hosted. SNL hit a low thanks to several low-concept skits and Jones’ joyless delivery.

3. Entourage, ”Fore!” (HBO)
This celebrity-golf-tournament-set ep seemed to go on forever yet accomplish nothing, an unfortunate reflection of the season. And Giants fan Turtle heckling Tom Brady over his Super Bowl defeat…from 2008? Way to stay relevant, Entourage.

4. 90210, ”Okaeri, Donna!” (THE CW)
Remember Annie and Dixon’s annoyingly wholesome road trip/soda ad? ”We’re on a road trip. Drinking Dr Pepper is practically a requirement,” Annie said. Yeah, that’s how high school kids talk.

5. The Beautiful Life, ”Pilot” (THE CW)
It had the makings of a fashion-forward hit: Elle Macpherson starred! Ashton Kutcher produced! But when Mischa Barton is the best actress on screen, you know you’re in trouble.