The ''Fearless'' singer talks about her many triumphs

No. 5 – Country’s Fresh Force

In February, Taylor Swift’s 2008 album, Fearless, marked its eighth week at No. 1, and by November, her 2006 self-titled release had set the record for the decade’s longest reign on the Billboard 200 (157 weeks). She also hosted SNL, kept her cool with Kanye, and received numerous accolades and awards, including eight recent Grammy nominations. And yet the 20-year-old country songstress — who also toured throughout 2009 — had no problem summing up her triumphant year. ”The moment I knew I was having a good year was when I got a phone call from the promoter of my tour,” she recalls. ”He said, ‘I’m about to put your tickets on sale for the first date of your tour.’ And I was like, ‘Okay, well, let me know tonight how we’re doing.’ I got a call from him three minutes later, saying, ‘You sold it out.’ I screamed, jumped up and down. I’ve gotten so many phone calls this year that have resulted in me screaming and shouting. It’s been such a thrilling year in so many ways.” We certainly understand all the screaming and shouting.