Taylor Lautner
Credit: Bob Charlotte /PR Photos

We’re starting to get a hint of what post-Twilight careers might look like for the various costars. Ashley Greene seems headed for damsel-in-distress territory. Kellan Lutz will reportedly be the new hunk of beefcake in Calvin Klein underwear ads. (Fitting I think, since he never actually talks much in the movies. Are we allowed to say that? Too soon?) And according to the news yesterday, Lautner will be starring in a thriller called Cancun, the first movie from his own production company — founded with his father Dan Lautner — partnered with Summit Entertainment. In it, he’ll play a misfit college kid on spring break who has to rescue a girl and her friends using kick-ass martial arts when they are taken hostage by a drug cartel. So it looks like Taylor is planning to be an action star. From 1986. Seriously, isn’t that the plot of Crocodile Dundee II, with a little Commando thrown in? Not that I’m opposed of course — Commando has its charms, and it makes sense that Taylor wants to show off his fighting skills. But spring break and a drug cartel? What do you think?

Photo Credit: Bob Charlotte /PR Photos

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