We’re getting closer to the Final Four, PopWatchers! Our Guilty Pleasures Reality TV Showdown now moves into the Finals for each of our categories. The results have been quite unexpected in this “Real” Lives category, with our number six and seven seeds taking top votes so far. Say Yes to the Dress now goes head to head with Dog the Bounty Hunter. Have those shows ever been mentioned in the same sentence? Who will triumph, Kleinfeld’s fashion director Randy and the visiting bitchy bridesmaids, or Duane “Dog” Chapman, Beth and the kids?

Let’s remind you of just a few highlights from each show:

Say Yes to the Dress

The bride who wanted leopard print, the buzzkill bridesmaid who said “I’m not excited by it,” the (many) ludicrously expensive gowns, the sorority sisters who didn’t intend to buy, the mother who slapped alterations queen Vera, Michelle Duggar’s modesty panel, brides fighting over the same dress, the bride who wore a mask for her try-ons, and the private jet customers who didn’t care that the store was closed…

Dog the Bounty Hunter

The wedding, the Rocky Mountain round-up, Ozzy’s theme song, bunnies for the kids, Dog’s surprising arrest, the unique hairstyles and fashion statements…

Let us know YOUR favorite moment from each show in the comments below. But first, the shows need your votes:

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