Oct. 25: Taylor Swift & Taylor Lautner -- No two young stars had a bigger 2009, and that was before they started dating

She’s one of the biggest musicians on the planet. He stars in one of the biggest movies on the planet. She’s shiny and pretty and has good hair. He’s shiny and pretty and likes to take off his shirt (though we’re not allowed to pass judgment on what we see until he turns 18 in February of 2010). So when some puppy-love photos surfaced on Oct. 25, revealing that the two Taylors were dating, it was like the heavens had presented us with the most wonderfully perky gift, wrapped up in perfect, poreless skin.

Though neither can legally drink yet (at 20, she’s the cougar in the relationship), we’d like them to stay together for a couple of reasons: (1) The ongoing Taylor frenzy could spark that Taylor Dayne comeback we’ve been hoping for; (2) they will never spawn an annoying nickname like Brangelina or Bennifer.

One sad footnote to this story: You gotta feel sorry for Owen Wilson and the producers of 2008’s Drillbit Taylor. They must be cursing their poor timing.