The ''I Gotta Feeling'' singers became familiar faces in 2009

No. 11 – Musical chartists

The Black Eyed Peas were everywhere this year: Oprah Winfrey’s season-kickoff party, one of President Obama’s inauguration events, the American Music Awards… Mostly, though, they could be found at the top of the charts. The Peas dominated the airwaves like no other band, holding down the No. 1 spot on Billboard‘s Hot 100 for a record-shattering 26 weeks straight with their giddy singles ”Boom Boom Pow” and ”I Gotta Feeling.” ”2009 was our year,” says rapper-producer ”That’s the only way you can say it. Listen to the radio, turn on the TV, go to a basketball game, take a trip overseas: Every single corner, we’re there. And it’s not accidental.”

Still, the Peas’ success wasn’t always a sure thing. They took a risk by experimenting with cutting-edge electronic sounds on their new music. To say those gambles paid off is, obviously, an understatement. ”We didn’t know how people were going to react to ‘Boom Boom Pow,”’ says singer Fergie. ”It’s like making a fine meal: You finally put the meal out, everyone is eating it, everyone is enjoying it, they’re really savoring the flavor of it. The fact that people responded with that adrenaline and excitement — it was just so surreal to me.”