Big Love, Amanda Seyfried
Credit: Lacey Terrell

Big Love‘s season premiere is a just 22 days away, and while I’m obviously extremely excited, today’s news that Amanda Seyfried is leaving the show after this season makes me all kinds of sad. No Sarah? Really? Who will do all the crying? And more importantly, who will be my favorite character? Curse you, Seyfried’s up-and-coming and well-deserved movie career!

Sarah was often the easiest stand-in for the audience: She asks the most questions, she rejects a lot of the rules her parents impose, she’s a little freaked out by life on the compound, etc. Her pregnancy arc last season, culminating in the total stunner “Come, Ye Saints”, was the best storyline the show ever put together, at once capturing the Henricksons’ normalcy (argh, road trips are stressful!) and their uniqueness (Sarah winds up confiding most in one of her other moms). Are we really expecting Teeny to take on that role now?

Sarah’s made some bad decisions in the romance department — ah, youth — and that’s what’s going to lead her off the series at the end of the season. I just hope Big Love finds a way to make that make sense for a character who, while deeply conflicted, is still incredibly devoted to her family.

Is a Sarah-less Big Love something you can see yourself sticking with, PopWatchers? How would you send her off?

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