Credit: Dale Robinette

SPOILER ALERT! If you haven’t seen Up in the Air yet, stop reading. After the jump, we’re asking how many people saw the twist coming and how you interpreted the ending…

Okay, so if you’re still reading, you’ve seen Up in the Air. Let’s discuss. I saw the film last night and gasped when it was revealed that Alex (Vera Farmiga) had a husband and children. When she opened the door to find Ryan (George Clooney) on her doorstep and we heard kids in the background, I thought okay, she was hiding the fact that she’s a single mom. No way did I expect for her husband to pipe up. Her condescension when she later asked Ryan how he could show up unannounced and jeopardize her “real life” made me want to slap the screen. She shouldn’t have gone to his sister’s wedding with him if he was only an escape. It’s a great thing when a movie that’s not a thriller can catch you that off-guard.

On to the ending. I saw the movie with three friends and we were split on how we interpreted it: Two of us thought Ryan was standing in front of the departure board, choosing a random destination like Natalie (Anna Kendrick) said she would do; two of us thought he was just pausing before heading to wherever his job took him next. Let’s take it to the polls. (If you have an alternate theory, share it.)

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Photo Credit: Dale Robinette