This one isn’t mine — Owen and I are each posting ours next week. But I’m fascinated by this compilation of 100 important movies, as chosen by a team of obsessives at the British newspaper The Telegraph. Of note: 1) Farenheit 9/11 is No. 1 — not because the judges think it’s best, but because, well, the Brits have a fancy political theory. Avatar is No. 100 because, well, because it’s Avatar. Saw is No. 14, because “the decade of Abu Ghraib found its cinematic equivalent. Mamma Mia! is No. 18 because it’s the highest grossing British movie of all time. (Who knew?) The Passion of the Christ comes in at No. 9 for being a “phenomenal work of outsider art.”

As for Gladiator, above? The Telegraph cineastes rank it No. 53. EW ranks it No. 3. Discuss.

Image credit: Everett Collection