Earlier this week, The LA Times reported that Twilight director Catherine Hardwicke may not direct the adaptation of the best-selling novel If I Stay for Summit Entertainment, opting rather to spearhead Leonardo DiCaprio’s adaptation of Red Riding Hood for Warner Bros. (DiCaprio is producing through his Appian Way label.) However, it seems that Hardwicke is juggling these two projects in addition to Overture’s Hamlet starring Emile Hirsch, and none of them are that close to receiving the “Go” order. Hardwicke tells, “I love all three of these projects. I’ve done drawings, location scouts, trailers, budgets, etc. for each of them. I wish it was my choice!”

It seems that a lot of other factors must be addressed before Hardwicke gets behind the camera again. In the case of If I Stay, the studio says the movie is in active development but they wouldn’t share any additional details. For Red Riding Hood, a source says WB is still waiting on a new draft of a script, which won’t be delivered til mid-January to make a decision on how fast they want to proceed. And for Hamlet, the studio is also tinkering on the latest draft from Oscar-winning writer Ron Nyswaner. Adds Hardwicke, “Before Twilight was greenlit, I had four projects at four studios. I worked super-hard on all of them, but Twilight was greenlit first.” Hardwicke is also committed to Maximum Ride, an adaptation of the young adult fantasy series by James Patterson, at Sony, but that film is said to be in even earlier stages of development.