December 16, 2009 at 09:48 PM EST

I’m still hungover from the long, disappointing slog that was season six, but Lifetime’s unveiling of a whole new crop of Project Runway hopefuls has me all kinds of excited today. For one thing, it’d be pretty hard not to improve on the last cast (like coupons at Macy’s, some exceptions apply). But a quick glance at Lifetime‘s gallery of the 16 fresh faces who’ll be on season seven (debuting Jan. 14) gives me hope that our show might be back on track. Hopefully.

Some first impressions:

-Bangs! No fewer than four contestants are sporting a sleek straight fringe (see photo, left). And two of them have ‘dos similar enough that they could be sharing the same stylist. What does it all mean?! What is the greater meaning behind this proliferation of bangs?

-We might have an entertaining nutter butter in Ping Wu who, in her home visit video models some kooky, hand-knit socks that double as washcloths.

Pamela Ptak: God is her favorite designer.

-There is a Rocker Dad. Oh jeez…

Anthony Williams: I adore this guy already. He has personality! Dude lives with his mom in Atlanta (“You are officially in the luxury ghetto”), worships Manolo Blahnik, and compares his mother’s collection of “little colored children” figurines to “Children of the Corn…they’re gonna come get me in my sleep.”

I still don’t care about Models of the Runway.

If you can stomach sitting through 16 repetitions of those cloying Cotton: The Fabric of Our Lives commercials that play before each video, take a trip on over to Lifetime to get acquainted with the Season Seveners, then report back in the comment section below: Who stands out for you?

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