Yahoo has released its list of the most-watched YouTube videos of the year, and—shocker!—a certain Scottish Dream Warbler is far and away the champion, at 120 million-plus views.

Following Susan Boyle at a distant second—you’ll recognize him by the trail of cotton batting and wisdom-tooth drool—is “David After Dentist,” but music reigns again (adjacently, but again) with the third-place finisher “JK Wedding Dance Entrance,” a.k.a. the Midwestern Chris Brown Nuptial Boogaloo.

In the category of straight-up music videos, Pitbull’s “I Know You Want Me,” finished first with more than 82 million views, followed by a Miley Cyrus double whammy (“The Climb” at 64 million views and “Party In The U.S.A.” at 48 million). Andy Samberg and co. T-Pained their way to the no. 4 spot with SNL‘s “I’m On A Boat” (also at 48 million), and Keri Hilson took the fifth spot (35 million) with el señors Kanye and Ne-Yo with “Knock You Down.”

What got you through 2009 on repeat repeat repeat? Tell this guy, because he can hardly stand the suspense:

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