By Annie Barrett
Updated December 16, 2009 at 03:39 PM EST

Pencil it in your history books, P-dubs. Jersey Shore stars Snooki and The Situation are now people for whom Megan Mullally and Andy Richter must stand up and scootch over. (“Scootch” would actually be a good Jersey Shore nickname, maybe for Slezak. Come to think of it, so would “P-dub.”) The best part of their first segment on last night’s Tonight Show With Conan O’Brien is Andy Richter’s look of total disbelief at the entire situation after The Situation deems Conan “The Solution.” Later, in part 2, Conan complains that he feels like he’s been talking about nothing but their nicknames for 19 minutes. Yeah, maybe because there’s nothing to talk to them about!

Snooki and The Situation defend the guido lifestyle and give “beauty” tips to Conan in part 2, which you can watch on The Tonight Show‘s website. Who here would tune in for Snooki’s ultimate-dream reality series, Snookin’ For Love?

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