The Hallmark Channel will launch the network in High Definition on Feb. 1, 2010. I know what you’re thinking: Golden Girls is going to look awesome! But after examining the channel’s upcoming original film debuts, I realize this move was, in fact, necessary. Not so much for Feb. 13’s Elevator Girl starring Mean Girls‘ Lacey Chabert and Final Destination 3‘s Ryan Merriman (“a stuck elevator brings a free-spirited woman and an uptight lawyer together”), but for March 6’s Uncorked, a romantic comedy starring Dexter‘s Julie Benz and Men in Trees‘ Scott Elrod (pictured, right), and March 20’s Healing Hands starringInvasion’s Lisa Sheridan and Eddie Cibrian (pictured, left).

In Healing Hands, Cibrian plays a school janitor (love it) who awakens from a coma and realizes he has the ability to heal others just by touching them (love it even more). Every time he uses this new gift, it drains his energy. Eventually, it threatens both his health and his relationship with his fiancée (Sheridan). In short, I’m envisioning Cibrian being shirtless, if only to be shocked back to life once or twice. HD!

Uncorked follows a workaholic CFO (Benz) on business to Southern California’s wine country, where she meets a world-famous chef (Elrod). I predict it will get hot in his kitchen. HD!

But seriously, is there a network you’re still waiting on to go HD?

Photo Credit: Cibrian: Sara De Boer/Retna Ltd; Elrod: Tina Gill/PR Photos