Holy crap, there are a lot of Sherlock Holmes clips online. This one is my favorite:

What is our verdict on Jude Law’s mustache, PopWatchers? I’m usually against all forms ‘stache, but somehow this works for me. Maybe it’s the homoerotic tension, maybe it’s the old-timey costuming, or maybe it’s just the outrageous panache radiating off both Law and Robert Downey Jr. Whatever it is, I am buying what those guys are selling. Which is I guess tickets to a movie.

The sheer volume of material online at this point could be enough to sour would-be viewers, but compared to the more action-oriented trailers, these clips present a convincing case that the movie includes lots and lots of clever dialogue. Banter FTW! I would way rather watch Holmes and Watson chit chat than punch people.

Do these clips spoil Holmes for you, PopWatchers? Where do you fall on the words/fists/explosions preference continuum?