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December 15, 2009 at 07:37 PM EST
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Among Glee‘s TV-pack-leading four Golden Globe nominations this morning were actor nods for stars Matthew Morrison, who plays William McKinley High School’s glee club coach Will Schuester, Lea Michele, who plays glee club’s obnoxious-yet-talented singer Rachel Berry, and Jane Lynch, who plays Will’s nemesis, the bare-knuckle-competitive coach of the Cheerios (WMHS’s championship-winning cheerleading squad), Sue Sylvester.

We got the three stars on the phone today to ask about their red-hot new show and find out what it was like to be nominated for Globes just halfway through its first season. Read the Q&A with Lynch below, then check out our interviews with Michele and Morrison.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: How did you find out about your nomination?

JANE LYNCH: I woke up to several messages — when I saw the volume of them, I knew it was probably good news. My agent called me three times and was like ‘get up, get up!’ and, you know, I was kind of playing too-cool-for-school and slept through it because I didn’t want to get too excited about anything. But this is really a lovely dream. It was so fun to come to work this morning. The kids are beside themselves with excitement. It’s great.

We talked to Matthew Morrison, and he said he found out about his nomination from a voicemail you left him. I was hoping you might have left him that voicemail in character as Sue…

Oh, I did, actually! I called him a little you-know-what — a little FU-know-what.

Considering their rivalry, I’m sure Sue wouldn’t want Will to win anything.

That would probably be the truth for Sue. And maybe a little bit for me! Just a little bit. A slight dusting of that.

Were you surprised that the Hollywood Foreign Press appreciated the character of Sue and her demeanor?

Well, I wasn’t surprised so much. I think they kind of like those types out there, across the pond. I think there’s a love for that kind of extreme character, you know?

Doesn’t it seem like the Hollywood Foreign Press would be something Sue would lash out at in a segment of “Sue’s Corner”?

Yeah, right! “Who are these foreign people commenting on our work?”

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