Credit: Lewis Jacobs/NBC

I had the strange experience of meeting Jeff Bridges for the first time in front of millions of people on the Today show couch this morning. Afterwards I had a few minutes to chat with the Crazy Heart star (and Globe nominee for Best Actor).

EW It’s a little gutsy to show up on the Today show on a nominations morning, since it can be awkward if your name doesn’t get called. Did you have to be talked into it?

Jeff Bridges Whatever they wanted me to do, this is a movie that I want to support. I love the way it came out and want to turn people on to it. A small movie like this can’t afford commercials so any chance I get to promote it, I’m really up for it.

EW Your performance is something of a last-minute addition to the awards race since Fox Searchlight decided late in the game to release the film this year as opposed to next spring. Did you care when it came out?

Bridges I think it’s really wise of them to release it when they are. We made it quite a while ago and I was kind of chomping at the bit for this thing to come out.

EW Can you be objective about your career and say whether you think this performance is the best or one of the best you’ve given?

Bridges I don’t know about objectivity. Subjectively, I really love this movie. It’s the kind of movie that I really enjoy. The director [Scott Cooper] is kind of staying ahead of the audience, so it’s not turning out how you think it’s going to turn out.

EW You act, you sing, and you take great photographs. Can you make us all feel better and name some things that you’re really bad at?

Bridges Let me see. God. I tend not to do things that I’m real bad at. That’s something right there. I’m bad at doing things I’m bad at.

EW Like, are you a bad skier or something like that?

Bridges I’m a fair skier.

EW Basketball?

Bridges I’m okay, pretty good. My brother Beau played with UCLA.

EW Juggling?

Bridges I can juggle.

EW I give up.

Photo credit: Lorey Sebastian