By Michael Ausiello
Updated December 14, 2009 at 08:24 PM EST

It’s good to see that Ugly Betty has a pretty healthy respect for continuity.

The resurgent ABC comedy has inked a deal with Modern Family‘s Jesse Tyler Ferguson to reprise his season 1 role as Betty’s orthodontist.

Ferguson returns in the Jan. 6 episode, the show’s first in its new Wednesday at 10 pm time-slot. Might his Dr. Farkus be back to perform the historic removal of Betty’s braces? Executive producer Silvio Horta prefers to leave that question unanswered. “It’s a really fun scene between the two of them” is all he would say.

Ferguson was inserted into the episode at the 11th hour after ABC asked Horta to come up with a cool way to kick off the show’s move to Wednesdays. Approaching one of the night’s biggest stars (who also just happens to be a Betty alum) was a no-brainer. “In lieu of a recap, they asked if there was a fun way to start the [episode],” he says. “So we decided to [bring] Jesse back.”

Just the latest in a long line of very smart decisions this show has made this season.

Image Credit: Ferguson: Bob D’Amico/ABC; Ferrara: Patrick Harbron/ABC