The first two hours of The Jacksons: A Family Dynasty, which aired last night, was rather sad, and I don’t just mean because it reminded us all over again what a void the death of Michael Jackson had left not only in the Jackson family but on the world-stage.

Begun before Jackson died, A Family Dynasty is now a series of squabbles and desperation-moves, although it’s impossible to tell whether, had he lived, Michael would have taken much of a prominent role in what amounts to a rehab of the Jackson brothers’ faded popularity:

Certainly the Jackson who comes off worst on this six-part series is Jermaine, who blows off a family photo-shoot and flies off to Vienna to promote a Michael tribute concert without his brothers’ involvement (and that subsequently fell apart).

Why did he, listed among the executive producers, even agree to allowing such botches to be included here? I guess the prospect of getting back in the spotlight was too powerful to resist. One thing that seems obvious: I doubt that the other Jackson with a real career, Janet, will be popping up too often on this docu-psycho-drama.

Did you watch The Jacksons: A Family Dynasty? If you did, having seen it would you watch it again?