I realize that by writing this item, I not only outed the fact that I’ve seen 2002’s Maid in Manhattan, but also that I consider the casting of Tyler Posey, the guy who played Jennifer Lopez’s son in the film, as the star of MTV’s Teen Wolf pilotworthy of an exclamation point. But come on! He was adorable in Maid in Manhattan! Granted, I haven’t seen him act since then (he did do a recent stint on ABC Family’s Lincoln Heights, pictured), but look at that face and tell me those eyes don’t draw you in.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, MTV’s much-talked-about take on Teen Wolf, as scripted by Criminal Minds creator Jeff Davis, is “a dramatic thriller with a buddy-comedy element at the center and a romantic plot line.” Posey will play Scott McCall, a high school dork who develops the ability to attract girls (and other super powers) after a wolf attack. His best friend (Dylan O’Brien) is originally skeptical, but goes all Scooby Gang and begins researching human-werewolf transformation. As for the drama: There’s a boy (7th Heaven‘s Tyler Hoechlin), who’s already “a vicious and predatory werewolf capable of great harm.” And for the romance: the school’s got a sweet new girl (Crystal Reed) who takes an instant liking to Scott.

How are you feeling about MTV’s Teen Wolf now? I’m liking the “dramatic thriller” angle and believe Posey will make an adequate heartthrob. (Though having seen him as a child in Maid in Manhattan could keep the Twimom age bracket from making Team Tyler panties. Possibly.) I also think the show could fit nicely on a network that plans on running Buffy the Vampire Slayer reruns starting next month.

Photo credit: Ron Tom/ABC