Monica Padilla gets serious props for not going gently into that good night, and fighting to the very end against her impending ouster on Survivor: Samoa. But, strategically speaking, did she take it one step too far in threatening to not vote for millionaire Russell on the jury—thereby keeping Russell’s anger aimed at her instead of Jaison? We ask her that very question on the latest edition of Survivor Talk. And then we ask her whether she’ll make good on that threat later. The 25-year-old law student tells guest host Jenna Morasca (Amazon, All-Stars) and me about her real feelings on Russell (see: headline) and Shambo as well as her one big regret of the game. What could it be? You’re dying to know! And that thirst for knowledge simply will not be quenched until you watch the video below! (If you missed our explosive interview with Dave, it can be found right after Part 2 of Monica, so keep watching!) And then, don’t forget to get all the Survivor scoop delivered right to you by following me on Twitter @EWDaltonRoss.