Five-year-old cancer survivor Alyssa Montenegro has been announced as the winner of Peanuts‘ 60th Anniversary Photo Look-A-Like Contest. (See more photos at the contest’s official website.) When informed of his fall from ultimate fame, Simon Pegg, the former look-a-like for Charlie Brown, said, “I know when I’m beaten; I know when to stand aside.” Alyssa’s mom, Anna, said Alyssa “embodies the true spirit of Peanuts. She is a good kid and never gives up — no matter how many times the football is pulled away.” Obviously this news has been permanently filed under Awwwwww So Cuuuuuute. Also attractive: One of the judges for the contest was (cue Tyra voice) “fashion photographer extra-or-din-aire, Niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiigel Barker.” But really all of this is to say that…***A Charlie Brown Christmas repeats tomorrow night on ABC!***

Any of you P-Dubs (or your offspring) look like Peanuts characters? I used to dress like Peppermint Patty when I was a high school jock and would go out in public almost exclusively in warmup pants and athletic sandals, but now I just look like an older, busted version of the Hannah Montana doll. What about you?