PopWatchers, I have a new Christmas sugar obsession. In a new move, Starbucks is selling French macaroons through Christmas Day (they went on sale for the first time yesterday, $9.95 for a box of 12 assorted flavors.)

These are not the coconut concoctions you may be picturing – French macaroons (or macarons if you want to be Francophile about it) are airy almond cookies sandwiched with ganache. Starbucks’ version isn’t quite Laduree, but they are good. These bite-sized ones are perfect for not feeing overindulged — although I suspect I could down a whole box if I had to. Plus, they just look fancy – and colorful (thanks to raspberry and pistachio pink and green!) They’re not associated with Christmas in France, so I asked Starbucks why they were being sold here at the holidays. A spokesperson told me: “Macaroons are enjoyed all year long in France, often in the afternoon at a café, tea shop or after dinner amongst friends. They are the perfect ‘hostess gift’ for the holidays and dinner parties.” Whatever the reason, it’s my excuse to eat them throughout December.

What about you, what’s your favorite holiday sweet? Mom’s secret-recipe cookies? Mince pies? Gingerbread men? Anyone going to defend the humble candy cane? Nobody really finds fruitcake edible, right?