George Stephanopoulos began his Good Morning America shift today. It was a little weird watching ABC’s chief Washington correspondent interview Dr. Oz and ask holiday shopping expert Becky Worley earnest questions like, “Now, are there any gifts that are more likely to have coupon codes?” But Stephanopoulos also managed to lobby for a windfall profits tax on the bonuses of bankers in a satellite interview with White House Senior Adviser David Axelrod. They discussed President Obama’s appearance on 60 Minutes and how Obama told Oprah he graded himself a B+ for the first year of his administration. I’m surprised Stephanopoulos and Axelrod didn’t delve into Christmas at the White House‘s rather illuminating segment about the history of the presidential gingerbread house, but I’ll live.

Did you tune in this morning? (If not, you can watch videos at GMA’s website.) Are you missing Diane Sawyer already, or did the hypnotic qualities of George’s red-orange tie — which totally matches the on-screen graphics — make you a believer in Stephanopoulosity?