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As my esteemed colleague Ken Tucker just pointed out, conspiracy theories are flying around fast and furious in the wake of last night’s mind-blowing Dexter season finale. [SPOILER ALERT] Could Rita be alive? And is it possible she died at the hands of Dexter and not Trinity? I got exec producer Clyde Phillips back on the horn for another round of burning questions…

Is Rita really dead?


Is Trinity really dead?

PHILLIPS: Yes. Cut up and drifting in the Gulf Stream.

Did Trinity kill Rita?

PHILLIPS: Yes he did. That’s partly what he meant when he said: “It’s already over.”

My readers are pointing out a potential timeline inconsistency: Trinity left Miami while it was still light out, yet in the message Rita left Dexter she commented about how beautiful the moon was that night.

PHILLIPS: Your readers are smarter than we are. Totally missed it. Honest mistake. [Aus here: Turns out the honest mistake was mine. As this clip confirms, Rita actually told Dex that the moon “is going to” be beautiful, thereby eliminating any potential inconsistency. You’re off the hook, Clyde! Me and my readers? Not so much.]

Any other unsolved mysteries driving you crazy? Before you answer that, be sure to read Part 1 of my Q&A with Phillips. We covered a lot of ground there.

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