December 14, 2009 at 07:15 PM EST

With potential Criminal Minds spinoff characters now a part of the mother ship’s spring agenda, the powers that be have put their heads together and begun looking for actors to fill out their would-be cast. Now it’s our turn. Who do you think should play these newbies, keeping in mind that, should the series be greenlit, we’d be seeing them every week, come fall?

* Cooper is the B-team’s leader, a middle-aged alpha male who’s as loyal to his team as he is sketchy about his past. How come he’s laid so low for nearly a decade? Something tells me that over the course of the show we’ll find out. My pick: Tyler Perry fave Lamman Rucker.

* Thirtyish Gina escaped the mean streets of Baltimore, only to wind up being sent back to them as an undercover agent. After her father died not knowing she hadn’t really fallen in with a bad crowd, she quit the FBI… until Cooper re-recruited her. My pick: Mental escapee Marisa Ramirez.

* Ex-British Special Forces operative Mick, 30, a sniper who’s as good with words as he is with a firearm. My pick: soap stud Paul Leyden (As the World Turns).

* And last but not least, Prophet, also in his 30s, is a born-again African-American ex-con who’s eager to clean the slate he so completely filled pre-prison. My pick: Angel alum J. August Richards.

OK, you’re up. Who do you see filling these roles? Sound off below!

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