Team Lost’s desire to keep as much of the climactic season six under wraps as possible is resulting in some cool creativity from the show’s networks. Fans have been buzzing for weeks now about the lavishly mythic promo produced by Spain’s Cuatro network that makes use of Radiohead’s song “Everything In Its Right Place.” Not be outdone, ABC cut a promo that’s just as thematically rich but less bombastic, making great use of Willie Nelson’s cover of “Amazing Grace.” An extended version of that promo has just hit the Web, and may soon be coming to ABC’s airwaves: I’ve received confirmation that ABC will air a 1-minute spot for Lost tomorrow night during The Forgotten. And wouldn’t you know, the extended “Amazing Grace” is about 1 minute long! (video after the jump)

The question for you, Lost fans, is this: Which promo do you like better? And more: would you like to see ABC do a version of the Cuatro promo with Terry O’Quinn doing the narration? Because that’s the rumor. Until then: watch the promos and sound off below! PS: Come back tomorrow for a new Doc Jensen column that’ll have some scoop about “The Lost Undeground Art Project” and details from the “Letter of Truce.” Don’t know what I’m talking about? That’s why you should come back tomorrow!

Amazing Grace promo

Cuatro promo

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