Host Jeff Probst talks with EW about the final eight players' odds of walking away a millionaire

Survivor: Samoa

At press time, there were eight players left vying for the million dollars on Survivor‘s Dec. 20 finale (8 p.m. on CBS). We look at their chances for success, along with bonus insight from host Jeff Probst.

Why She’ll Win: She is the Amber to Russell’s Boston Rob?the nicer, prettier, more easily digestible option for vindictive jury members.
Why She Won’t: She could still be seen as a mere coattail rider. Which she is.
Probst’s Take: She’s played a very quiet but effective game. But if she makes it to the end, she will have to work hard to convince the jury that she deserves the money. ODDS 3-1

Why He’ll Win No one has played the game better. Russell found three hidden idols and got swing vote Shambo to flip.
Why He Won’t Should the Super Survivor make it to the end, he will come face-to-face with his own personal kryptonite: one seriously bitter jury.
Probst’s Take He could easily make it to finals, but can he get the jury vote? It’s either a slam dunk or a shutout.
ODDS 6-1

Why He’ll Win He was voted tribal leader even though he was totally unqualified and did nothing to earn it. Foreshadowing, anyone?
Why He Won’t The anesthesiologist practically put us to sleep all season with his (lack of) gameplay. At some point you have to do something.
Probst’s Take To win he’ll need to face the jury, pull a mask off his face, and say ”I was playing y’all!”
ODDS 8-1

Why He’ll Win One would hope the law student would know his way around a jury.
Why He Won’t His flat demeanor often seems robotic. Can robots win Survivor? Are they even eligible? And can we please get Robot Survivor into production immediately?
Probst’s Take If Jaison makes it to the end, he’s capable of a very compelling argument as to why he deserves the million.
ODDS 10-1

Why He’ll Win He’s made no enemies along the way, which I suppose is what happens when you never speak.
Why He Won’t Never has a player made it so far and been shown so little. A winner would never get the invisible edit Brett has. I’m not even sure the other contestants know who the hell he is.
Probst’s Take Everybody likes Brett. If Brett makes it to the end, he wins. Period.
ODDS 15-1

Why She’ll Win She went from Galu zero to Foa Foa hero when she switched sides. The impact of that move is undeniable.
Why She Won’t The ”yoga-loving 90210” jury may respect the move, but not the player. Even Shambo’s new allies don’t seem to think highly of her.
Probst’s Take Her betrayal of Galu combined with being on the bottom of Foa Foa makes it tough for her to win.
ODDS 20-1

Why He’ll Win He has performed well in challenges and is well liked by anyone not named Shambo.
Why He Won’t What’s his signature move? (And no, silently mouthing the word ”wow” to himself at Tribal Council does not count.)
Probst’s Take If he can find a way to make it to the end, he’s just wacky enough that he might pull off a completely unexpected win.
ODDS 25-1

Why She’ll Win Because she never gives up. Monica at least attempted to bring Shambo back into the fold and trick the Foa folk into voting for John.
Why She Won’t Because none of those moves worked. Sorry, luckless hot bikini chick!
Probst’s Take Monica wins only if she ends up in the final with Foa Foa members. I think Dave and/or Brett would defeat her in the final vote.
ODDS 30-1

Survivor: Samoa
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