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More visuals from the upcoming Tron Legacy movie have hit the Web, and just like the trailer before them, they’re absolutely stunning. Pictured here are hottie Olivia Wilde and Garrett Hudlund caught in a very sultry moment. (Sizzle!) I honestly have no idea what’s going on between the pair, but we can assume it’s romantic, yes? It’s intriguing: Are they about to kiss each other — or punch each other? Maybe both! Either way, a sultry moment. Wilde plays the confidante of Jeff Bridges’ character Kevin Flynn, and Hudlund is Bridges’ son Sam. The movie poster and whatnot were also released (poster after the jump), and truly, they’re about what you’d expect, based on what we’ve already seen. Neon-y, dark, futuristic. Oh wait, you haven’t seen the trailer/footage that’s already been released? Check that out after the jump as well.

What do you think, PopWatchers? Do seeing these new bits of the Tron release get you excited for next December? (It’s only a year away!)

Photo Credit: Disney

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